Osteopath, MSc Ost

Vittoria is originally from Milan Italy where she graduated with a Bachelor degree in Osteopathy from the International College of Osteopathic Medicine ICOM. Throughout her five year degree she completed over 1200 hours of clinical practice on adults and children. Following her bachelor’s degree she obtained a Master in Science in Osteopathy from Kingston University, UK after writing a thesis on "the effectiveness of manual therapy in the treatment of impingement in athletes".


She spent several years practicing Osteopathy in Italy as a private practitioner in sports osteopathy. In 2018 she moved to Montreal working in several well-known osteopathic clinics diversifying her treatments with the use of new techniques and approaches. In 2020 Vittoria opened her own Osteopathy clinic, Clinique Victoria in Pointe-Saint-Charles.


Her biggest passion in life has always been sports and one of the reasons that she pursued a career as an Osteopath. Vittoria loves the idea of doing something good for people and to help them live a better, healthier life. She is a great supporter of the power of osteopathy and the benefits this therapy can bring. Her goal above all is the well-being of her patients in their sports life as well as their daily life.